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110V 220V Mini Coffee Maker Milk Tea Foam Stirring Coffee Machine

110V 220V Mini Coffee Maker Milk Tea Foam Stirring Coffee Machine

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Voltage (V): 110V - 220V

Type: Pod Coffee Maker

Power (W): 200-299W

Origin: Mainland China

Housing Material: Plastic

Function: Cafe American

Features 03: Multi Coffee Machine

Features 02: Mini Coffee Maker

Features 01: 110V 220V Milk Tea Maker

Certification: LFGB

Certification: SASO

Certification: CE

Capacity (Cup): 1 cup

Brand Name: Giant Whale


110V 220V Mini Coffee Maker Multifunction Milk Tea Maker Flower Fruit Tea Milk Foam Stirring Small Coffee Machine Home Office
Product Name: Mini Milk Tea Maker
Product color: white/green
Rated voltage: 220V/110V
Rated power: 300W
Capacity: 350ml
Working principle: heating, magnetic stirring
Product net weight: 0.475KG
Product size: 93*93*188mm


One-key operation, easy to make;
350ml mini capacity;
Fast heating 100° in 7 minutes;
Multi-purpose machine, can cook and stew;
300W low power, available in dormitory.

Make all kinds of milk tea at home

It only takes 8 minutes to make a cup of milk tea

Only three steps are required to make milk tea:

1. Pour milk into the jug.
2. Add tea leaves/tea bags to the strainer. Cover the lid
3. Choose milk tea mode.

350ml capacity, one person can enjoy it

Mini size, does not take up any space, so you can put on your desk, dining table and kitchen.

300W low power, can also be used in the bedroom

One machine for multiple purposes, boil water, make scented tea, quickly heat 100° in 7
minutes, and separate the tea dregs
Milk tea (9 minutes), flower tea (8 minutes), coffee (6 minutes), milk froth (3 minutes),
stirring (1.5 minutes)

Homemade coffee in just 6 minutes:

1. Add instant coffee and drinking water, select coffee function
2. Pour the brewed coffee into the cup
3. Add pure milk to select milk froth function
4. DIY Latte Coffee is made

304 stainless steel filter
Maternal and child grade PP cup
304 stainless steel liner


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