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Electronic Coffee Maker USB Recharge Espresso Machine Portable Car, Travel, Camping

Electronic Coffee Maker USB Recharge Espresso Machine Portable Car, Travel, Camping

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Brand Name: FGHGF

Capacity (Cup): 2 cups

type1: Electronic Coffee Maker

type2: Rechargeable Espresso Machine

type3: Portable Car Coffee Make Ground Coffee & Espresso Travel Camping

type4: Coffee Maker

type5: Coffee Maker Rechargeable

type6: Portable Coffee Maker

type7: Coffee Grinder

Electronic Coffee Maker Rechargeable Espresso Machine Portable Car Coffee Make Ground Coffee & Espresso for Travel & Camping.

[Rechargeable & Portable] Our coffee maker uses a Type-C charging cable, which is rechargeable, and it has a 1200mAh capacity battery, so you can take it anywhere. The net weight of the machine is only 0.88lb. Great for travel, camping, hiking, fishing, picnics, etc.
[2 IN 1 Electronic Coffee Maker] Portable espresso maker compatible with capsules and coffee powder. Coffee basket can hold 10g coffee powder or 5-6g capsules, water tank can hold 5.75 oz boiling water.
[Easy to operate] Easy to get 30-50ml espresso, add water to make Americano, add milk to make latte. Press the power button, the blue indicator light shows the power, then press the power key again, the machine starts to extract drinks.
[Professional Pressure] The original section pressing principle keeps the pressure of powder chamber stable to get rich oil and fruit flavor. Our portable coffee maker makes it easy to make great espresso and other coffee beverages anytime, anywhere.
Take it With You Wherever You Go -Compact size with a pouch, easy to store and carry. Doesn't require an electricity outlet. Take it with you to the office, camp and while traveling. doesn't require space on your kitchen countertop

Coffee machine type: convenient wireless coffee machine
Capacity: 160ML
Principle: pump pressure
Charging voltage (DC): 5V
Charging current: 2A
Rated power: 2W battery
Voltage: 3.7V
Rated voltage: less than or equal to 36V
Pressure: 12 kPa
Extraction pressure: 1-2pa extraction
Battery life: 50 cups on one charge
color: black
Material: PP+ABS
size:75 x 75 x 245cm
Note: (The machine does not have a heating function, you need to heat the water to add no more than MAX line 92 ℃ hot water. (For K CUP universal capsule)

Package Contents:
1 x Electronic Coffee Maker
1 x USB cable
1 x Coffee powder box
1 x English instruction manual


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