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Why shop at Coffeio Store?

Why shop at Coffeio Store….?

Coffeio Store is a single online marketplace for quality portable coffee, travel, outdoors, sports gear and accessories. We offer products that assist you in your modern-day travels to make your trips less stressful. We combine all of the above with quality camping, recreational and outdoors sports gear. We strive to make your online shopping that much easier and quicker by combining all of these products into a single-point shopping event.

Good reasons to shop at Coffeio Store:

  • We offer free shipping from most of our suppliers for purchases over $50 USD.
  • Additional options to speed up shipping times are available from most suppliers.
  • Customers are e-mailed full tracking information via a link so that point-of-origin to point-of-destination can be tracked.
  • ALL shipments are automatically insured for loss, damage and theft from the moment they leave the point of origin up to the final destination, so the customer has no risk of losing his money. The customer is informed of this coverage at the time of purchase.
  • It is simple: …we provide full refunds if you do not receive your shipment. Coffeio Store handles the insurance claims if there is loss, damage or theft involved.
  • Easily switch to your own country’s currency on the main menu. Take note that the final price will be converted to $USD upon checkout as Coffeio Store is a U.S based operation.
  • We offer frequent discounts throughout the year. These are deducted from the product sales price at checkout time and the customer is informed. For example, at the present we are offering a 10% New Customer discount on all purchases of $50 USD or more.
  • We try to provide lengthy product descriptions with as much information as possible, including photos/video, so that the customer can make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Product reviews are available at the bottom of all product descriptions, if available. We strive to ensure that only products with high customer ratings are chosen for sale in our store.
  • When we feel that a product does not meet our customer’s expectations, we will discontinue it from the store. We frequently add new products during the year based on customer input and product history.
  • All purchases are SSL secure. We are powered by Shopify. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone, but you may receive occasional e-mails from our staff regarding customer satisfaction and/or support.

All of our customers, whether they are potential or current, are important to us. We greatly value your business.

Coffeio.store Staff

January 14, 2024

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